Extras: Sketches & Shtuff

Eleven unearthed sketches… The first four of a bewinged Hugo are from an Icarus dream sequence at the beginning of the story, before he wakes up and is catapulted unceremoniously out the window.

These next four are placed right before the balloon explodes. The little bird builds a nest, hatches her eggs and say farewell to Hugo. A plane flies past. A possible storm comes (sketchy, billowy clouds). And those big sketchy birds are the geese! (I know there’s at least one more sketch I haven’t found in this sequence). A goose runs smack into the balloon, it explodes, and then there’s the bird’s eye view of Hugo falling, with the balloon’s string in the foreground.

You’ll notice that I was playing around with the panels a bit. Makes thing a bit more dynamic, gives them dimension, depth. Frees things up a bit. In the following sketch you’ll notice that empty vertical panel. I think this is when I was considering widening the page and using that extra space for a flip-book animation. Something incredibly simple.

The photos corners don’t really do anything for this. Maybe on the pages that are actually SUPPOSED to be photos I could have photo corners, otherwise no.

…and he lands on a goose… just barely managing to grab it’s leg. But he could climb up onto it’s back and cling onto it for a while before falling off again… The panel too has been dispensed with and I was playin’ around with my grey marker.

Now that I think of it, there are probably seven or eight more sketches floating around somewhere that still need unearthing… waitaminute. That makes absolutely no sense. But you get my meaning.


Thanks for reading!

- Patrick Reinhart